Thursday, October 24, 2019 | 1:00pm – 4:30pm
No registration fee but pre-registration is required

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Supporting Age-Friendly Communities in Canada


“Guidance and tools are needed to support cities and communities to make decisions around which actions are most likely to ensure these outcomes and not leave any groups behind in the process of development.” – The Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities: Looking back over the last decade, looking forward to the next, World Health Organization, 2018

Purposes of this event

  • To share what is working or showing promise in Age-Friendly Communities in Canada.
  • To increase awareness of knowledge gaps, where best/promising practices are needed, and to better understand challenges related to community capacity.
  • To inform the development of new knowledge and information to support AFCs and communities.

Who Should Attend?

Stakeholders at all levels and within a variety of sectors who are interested in furthering Age-Friendly Communities:


  • Federal, provincial and municipal government elected officials and staff
  • Seniors
  • Those in sectors such as: health and health promotion, long-term care, recreation, transportation, housing, labour, social-protection, information and communications.